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Change Management

Dealing with change is tough. We have a general rule of thumb when approaching any change initiative: expecting and demanding a positive experience will result in a negative experience, but recognizing a challenging experience upfront then looking for all the ways to ease the pain results in a positive experience.

We don’t approach change management initiatives looking to create a perfect, positive experience (although that would be nice!) but rather we recognize it will be uncomfortable; we look for ways to lessen the burden on stakeholders as they adapt to new ways of working and new sets of behaviours. Here are a couple ways in which we do so:

  • Conduct detailed change impact assessment and stakeholder analysis - identify how the digital and/or organizational change is impacting your internal and external stakeholder groups, culture, processes, and existing technology, the level of impact and criticality of each key change, and the most effective stakeholder-specific methods to navigate and prepare you for change

  • Develop change management strategy - upon understanding of the change occurring and associated levels of impact we develop a change management strategy for you which outlines and actions a set of deliverables and activities (similar to a project plan) such as: communication plans, engagement plans, leadership toolkits and alignment activities, and change readiness assessments with quantitative and qualitative KPIs

Recent Clients

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