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Ahmed Abdelrahman
Founder and Managing Director

Founder Profile

"Thanks for visiting our site. My name is Ahmed Abdelrahman and I am the Managing Director and Founder of Manara Partners Inc. (Manara). I founded Manara in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada after enjoying years of crafting my trade at two great firms: one as a Consulting Manager at a 'Big 4' Firm and the other a boutique strategy consulting firm. I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing organizations and gain valuable experience across 40+ projects spanning across the public and private sectors of North America primarily, with recent exposure to South America and Europe, focusing on strategic planning, organizational design and development, and change management.


Manara's mission to 'collaborate, guide, and bond with purpose-driven organizations and individuals to collectively fulfill our greatest potential and happiness' was inspired throughout my experience at these firms as I found great joy and a fulfilling positive impact in actively helping clients, as well as my teammates, realize their goals and aspirations. This is why at Manara we focus on reducing barriers preventing public, private, and not-for-profit organizations from receiving world-class consulting services - we want to be able to help as many organizations and individuals 'fight the good fight'.


Whether it be at the executive table facilitating the decision to pursue a digital transformation, or parachuting into the middle of an ongoing merger integration going awry, I'm always here to help clients make sense of an ambiguous situation and confidently move forward as a team. I bring my passion, optimism, and sense of vulnerability to the [virtual] table for causes greater than myself, and I always look forward to seeing what else we help clients, teams, and individuals accomplish."

Ahmed Abdelrahman

Managing Director and Founder

Manara Partners Inc.


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