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Leadership Coaching

Across all industries, there are seasoned leaders who are experiencing constant culture clashes with younger professionals (i.e. Millennials and Gen-Zs), and vice-versa, due to the two groups' opposite sets of motivations, expected behaviours, and emotional and coaching needs and styles. This is primarily driven by young professionals and the more seasoned professionals being placed in formal coaching relationships with each other. The resulting ineffective communication between the two creates a poor coaching and professional experience for both parties, damages team dynamics, and increases flight-risk of employees leaving your organization. 

Our team has proven experience (and really enjoys) providing effective coaching to both young and experienced professionals by helping translate and clarify the experiences of either group to the other, through meaningful and honest 1-on-1 coaching conversations. By educating coachees and enhancing their sense of empathy, self-awareness, and courage, we empower them to make the right decisions and progress their professional and emotional development. 


We've had the privilege to coach some amazing people. Here's what they had to say regarding their experience:

Ahmed is a perceptive and encouraging coach who will help you understand what you need and provide the guidance on how to reach for it. He is a master at having difficult conversations, and in my time working with him, these difficult conversations lead me to several breakthroughs both professionally and personally.

- Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Multi-National Insurance Corporation

Ahmed's ability to
unwrap career and workplace intricacies faced by professionals with
limited information makes him one of the most astute advisors I've
had. He is consistently able to accurately pinpoint hidden
challenges, educate me on different risk dimensions, and devise an
exhaustive approach to help me navigate complex and sensitive career situations. His coaching helped me transform these situations into
career advancing opportunities and  build a solid foundation for a
career in consulting.

- Technology Consultant at a 'Big 4' Firm

Ahmed is extremely insightful and well versed in emotional intelligence making him the ideal professional and personal coach. His friendly, earnest and candid approach helps to get to the root of issues, propelling exceptional development in anyone that seeks his guidance. I feel truly honored to call him my coach and friend. 

- Business Operations Manager in the Theatre Arts Industry 

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