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Our Services

Manara exists to collaborate, guide, and bond with purpose-driven organizations and individuals to enable the collective fulfillment of our greatest potential and happiness. How we do this is by delivering a suite of meaningful management consulting services to organizations and leadership coaching to individuals, built on the foundation of our founder and team's successful history and experience helping clients across a wide range of industries. 

Learn more about our four key service offering by navigating through each respective pages below: 

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Become crystal clear about who is accountable for executing on strategic initiatives and key activities within your organization, the skillsets your teams will require to achieve the organization's short and long-term business objectives, and the most effective methods to up-skill and structure your teams in a nimble way to enable consistent achievement of your goals.


Lessen the burden and intimidation that comes with change by clearly assessing what's changing, who and what is impacted and to what extent. Define and execute the most viable change strategies that enables your organization to adopt new ways of working with minimal disruption to the day-to-day.

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Engage your executive team, board, management, and staff to collectively decide where your organization should be in ~3 years. Identify and analyze major decisions such as new market entry, new products and/or services, partnerships, internal and external risk mitigation strategies and more, in order to validate the path forward and progress towards it as one organization. Receive support in rapid business planning, execution, and management for emerging initiatives.


Enhance your emotional intelligence, breakthrough thresholds of leadership potential, increase your sense of self-awareness, and understand the power of vulnerability, regardless of the industry or position at your organization.

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