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Our Mission

“Manara” is the Arabic term for “lighthouse”. We named our firm Manara Partners to signify our duty to be relied on by you as leaders, teams, and communities to shed light on key opportunities and challenges and help guide you towards the future - a future which not only benefits you but those around you. That’s our mission - to collaborate, guide, and bond with purpose-driven individuals and organizations to enable the fulfillment of our greatest potential and happiness.

Who We Are and What Sets Us Apart

Manara Partners is a management consulting firm based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada specializing in organizational development, change management, strategic planning, and leadership coaching.


Manara was founded upon realization that globally, within our current business ecosystems, there exists a number of barriers preventing those who are most eager for genuine, quality support in planning, navigating, and managing their organization, team, or careers. We bust-down what we see as the most detrimental barriers to make ourselves as accessible as possible for those in need by addressing three key areas:

Financial Flexibility

  • Barrier: The majority of today's consulting firms have set fees and resourcing structures which inhibit access to world-class professional services for the likes of recession-ridden public entities, not-for-profits, small businesses and even large corporations needing to undergo digital and organizational transformations and even start-ups who require support building their strategic plan to scale but may not have the cash on hand. This all negatively impacts each of our communities.

  • How We Address It: Our nimble business model allows us to be more flexible with what and how our clients choose to pay us, selecting the most viable option for both parties. This allows us to become more accessible to clients in all industries and financial situations, enabling them to receive top-tier consulting and coaching services.

Genuine People-First Mentality

  • BarrierBringing one’s best self to work every day can be mentally and physically draining when you are unsure if you’re aligned with the direction and actions of the organization you work for. For those in this situation at a professional services firm (e.g. consultants) this generally results in a negative client experience when you, as the client, are excited at the prospective of achieving a given project's objectives yet the consultants supporting you do not share the same enthusiasm or passion for some reason. 

  • How We Address It: We actively bring the best out of our team through a purpose-driven culture in which we keep ourselves accountable regardless of one’s seniority, our unique and transparent compensation structure recognizing the value one brings to our clients, and a values-based performance management system. This enables our team to naturally deliver enthusiastic and optimal performance to our clients with reassurance that they are genuinely being taken care of.

Effective Coaching Amidst Corporate Culture Clashes

  • Barrier: Across all industries, there are seasoned leaders who are experiencing constant culture clashes with younger professionals (i.e. Millennials and Gen-Zs), and vice-versa, due to the two groups' opposite sets of motivations, expected behaviours, and emotional and coaching needs and styles. This is primarily driven by young professionals and the more seasoned professionals being placed in formal coaching relationships. The resulting ineffective communication between the two creates a poor coaching and professional experience for both parties, damages team dynamics, and increases flight-risk of employees leaving your organization. 

  • How We Address ItOur team has proven experience (and really enjoys) providing effective coaching to both young and experienced professionals by helping translate and clarify the experiences of either group to the other, through meaningful and honest 1-on-1 coaching conversations. By educating coachees and enhancing their sense of empathy, self-awareness, and courage, we empower them to make the right decisions and progress their professional and emotional development.

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