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Strategic Planning & Business Planning

“Are the products and services we deliver still relevant and feasible? Are they aligned with our mission?” “How can we take advantage of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our business?” “Are our stakeholders perceiving our brand the way we see ourselves?” “How competitive will our market become? What partnership opportunities exist?” These are the same difficult questions we’ve heard from many different leaders as they think about the future of their organization but find it difficult to switch gears from working in their business to working on their business.


We help you make sense of all the disruption and new innovations within your industry and from your competitors to help make the right decisions regarding long-term strategic priorities and financial and operational goals - essentially what you will and will not do for the next ~3 years. Here are a couple ways in which we do so:

  • Facilitate development of ~3-year strategic plans - as a team identify long-term organizational goals and the most viable strategies to achieve them; decipher resulting changes to your business model and operating model; and, articulate how to begin and manage execution of the new plan

  • Analyze and develop business cases - identify and validate potential opportunities for your organization, including conducting market research and stakeholder engagement

  • Develop tactical, short-term business or project plans - navigate and recover from unforeseen events impacting your business

Recent Clients

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